Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sharing Christ's Love...

We cannot talk about volunteering at KCM without talking about 3 people who have a direct impact on the clients of KCM, and they are our School Supply Chair and Santa Sleigh Co-Chairs.

Our School Supplies Project is Chaired by Marissa Leach. Without her we would be in a Hot Mess!  She not only chairs School Supplies but she also volunteers once a week in the Social Service Office in Katy. It is through her organizational skills, passion and drive that 100's of kids receive school supplies!!   I know some of you may be thinking...ok school supplies, that can't be that big of a deal.  Oh it is a HUGE deal to the families we have the honor of helping.  There is a wonderful story about someone who is very close to KCM that had never thought much about the school supply program until he came to the event one year.  Once he saw the excitement, anticipation, JOY and much relief on the faces of our clients he eyes filled-up with tears and he just stood there in AWE.  He had never had to think about what it would feel like to go to school on the first day and not have the necessary supplies.  He had never had to ask the teacher for a pencil because his family could not afford one.  He always had his binders, notebooks and Kleenex to hand in.  I challenge each of you to think about how that would feel...and I also challenge you to become apart of this year's program.  And just to let you know she is already working on school supplies for 2010, I just saw an email confirming dates!!


Another program that touches everyone's hearts is Santa's Sleigh, our Program for helping those families in need provide Christmas for their children. Our Santa Sleigh Program is Co-Chaired by 2 precious women; Alice Linecum and Lauren Semple. It is through their tireless passion (for alomost 4 months) and their desire to see kids have Christmas that we helped close to 2000 kids in 2009.  There is nothing like seeing the look on a mom's face when we hand her the black trash bags filled with gifts and roll out a bicycle for her child.  This program could not happen without the support of the community, and so I also challenge you to start thinking now about how many children you can take this year. Our client numbers are up again this year, we know the need will be great...I hope you will be able to join us for this incredible JOY filled event.

You are both a Blessing & Inspiration to me and KCM.
(By the way, you are both coming back this year.)

OK...I know what your thinking...these people are amazing but I just don't have that kind of time, energy or resources to give right now. You don't have to give months of time, or even days of time.  We need volunteers who can give 4 hours once a week, or once a month or once a year.  You know what time you have to give, you know where your heart is with challenge to you is to follow that desire and give back!!

For more information on volunteering please conatact
 Michelle Johns at: 
281-346-8041 or

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Blessings of Volunteers...

One area of KCM that we don't talk much about is our Crisis Center.  Our Crisis Center is a safe place where survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault can come to seek refuge, healing and God's love.  We offer crisis counsleing, advocacy through their entire process, support groups for adults and children and love and support through their healing.  Our Crisis Center Director is Lisa Sanchez and she is supported by an incredible staff of 5 advocates and educational trainers.  God daily uses these 6 individuals to bring Hope, Joy and Love to those who need it most...the survivors, but the Crisis Center could not deliver Jesus to these people without their volunteers and today we are highlighting 3 of the most wonderful, generous and loving people you could know.

The first is one of  the sweetest ladies who comes to volunteer. Her name is Ms Janet Musgrove. She Blesses us once a week, for a couple of hours, and is always ready to work, and when I say work I mean putting folders together, shredding papers or answering the phone. Stuff that would not necessarily be considered the "fun" jobs.  She even at times will share a "funny" that will help us get through the day.
Thank you Ms Janet for always putting a smile on our faces!!

We also have two other volunteers in our Crisis Center that help out on our hotlines, Dawn Hampton and Anita Mancini. These ladies both started volunteering in 2005 and have been faithful ever since to volunteer atleast 1 week out of the month each night if not 2 weeks.   Let me explain a little more about this much needed help.  During non-business hours the calls that come into our 2 crisis lines are transferred to a hotline call center which in turn forwards the call to the individual "on call".  Depending on the situation the on-call person may have to go to the hospital or police station to assist the victim.  These ladies take a week or more each month to put their lives on hold to be avaialble to help people in crisis...without these ladies our staff would not get the much needed breaks they offer at times. THANK YOU BOTH...YOU ARE AMAZING AND MUCH APPRECIATED!!
If you know someone who is currently living in Domestic Violence (chances are you do, even if you don't know about it) and would like more information please call our Crisis Center Domestic Abuse Number at 281-391-4504...if you find yourself in an emergency situation please call our Domestic Violence Help Line at 281-391-4357.
If you, your friend, daughter, son, loved one...anyone in your life has been the victim of sexual abuse, rape or incest please know there is help.  Please call our Crisis Center Sexual Assault Number at 281-391-5262.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation please call our Sexual Abuse Center Hotline at 281-693-7273.
If you would like more information on volunteering please contact Michelle at 281-346-8041.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A KCM Volunteer is...

We live in a world that is fast-paced, with instant satisfaction of exactly what we want...we want a grand lifestyle in a drive-thru window.  Don't worry I am not going to try to reason why this is a necessary way of life or why it is not...but I do want to try to give us all something to think about. 

What would happen if we all slowed down for a minute to help someone else?

That is what the Volunteers at KCM do each time they give of their time. 

For the next few weeks I want to take the opportunity to shine the light on some of our Volunteers, without their dedication & suuport KCM would not be where we are today.  

Today I want to focus on 2 volunteers that make a difference in KCM...over the next few weeks I will introduce you to volunteers in each area of KCM so check back often to see who is might be someone you know...or even YOU!!

We have one volunteer, whom I will call Janet Boeve (by the way that is her real name), who gives of herself tirelessly to KCM.  Two days (at minimum) she works in our Administration Office, one day is up front helping our receptionist and the other is in Social Services doing anything they need help with.  She is also an active KCM Board Member, as well as a regular store volunteer.  She is also CRAZY active in her church and cooks large meals to host dinner at her house for the leaders of her church and others in her community, and the most important role she has is being an Amazing MOM.  Just hearing about a week in her world makes me tired, but also so Blessed to be able to work with such a Wonderful Women.  Thank you Janet for all you do!!

We have another volunteer who likes to stay in the shadows. Let's call him Mike Buehner.  Mike has been volunteering in KCM for quite some time, but he really began to stand-out when we started the new store project.  Mike has given more hours than any one person should (who is not being paid, that is) to the store.  It is not uncommon to see Mike working in the store after work in the evenings or most Saturday's.  As we were getting the store open he would take personal time from work to help with any detail needed, from pulling cable in the ceiling to sweeping.  He would meet each week with the New Store Committee early in the morinng (ok like 7:00 AM or so...but that's early to me) and work on anything he was asked to do.  He is also now helping KCM with some technological upgrades.  He continues to donate his own time, money and resources to make the New Super Store and KCM all it can be.  It is his dedication that is an inspiration to me and so many others!!  Thank you Mike for being YOU!!

To volunteer you don't have to give 10+ hours a week, or even 1 hour a week, volunteering is giving when you can, how you can.  Over the next weeks you will be shown different volunteer opportunities through real people who do the jobs themselves.  Volunteering at KCM gives you an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ, that maybe you wouldn't have other wise. 

If you would like more information on volunteering please conatct Michelle Johns at: or 281-346-8041

Friday, January 29, 2010

HUGE Gala Announcement!!

KCM Gala

A Night To Remember


Tom DeLay

April 23, 2010

Sponsorships up to $7500.00

Tables for 8 - $750.00

Individual Ticket - $100.00

Get your table soon as space is limited!!

To purchase a table online please visit our webiste and click on the "Make a Donation" on the home page.

To purchase a table or questions please contact
Michelle at 281-346-8041

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesus, Others, Yourself...

Jesus, Others, Yourself.

My husband was in a Bible Study this past Saturday and heard:  JOY is Jesus, Others then Yourself, and it made me think...and then God brought me front and center with JOY in a very real and refreshing way.

Please excuse me as this post will be more personal than professional, but being that KCM is a large part of my life it will all be brought together.  This past weekend was a profound one for me. My sister-in-law, Mary, ran the Houston Marathon, and when I say ran I mean like RAN the marathon.  Her goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon, in order to do so she had to have a time of 3:40:00...yes that is only 3 hours and 40 minutes.  For those of us not in the running world a marathon is 26.2 miles, and to accomplish this HUGE feat she would need to run on average a 8:10 mile.  If you are anything like myself you cannot help but chuckle at the idea, but for Mary it is a very real possiblity.  In the end she ran it in 3:45:16, meaning she missed your dream by a mere 5 minutes and 16 seconds.  When we got her time we were all so sad and disappointed for her.  Disappointed that she did not succeed, sad that she would not get to see her dream fulfilled...but we all had another thing coming.  Mary was not sad or disappointed, she was so excited that she ran her best time by 13 minutes, there was no sense of failure in her. 

As we sat at brunch congratulating her on an amazing morning I couldn't help but sit in awe of how humble and sincere she was.  Please don't get me wrong, Mary is always very humble and incredibly sincere, but if it were me I would have been prancing around showing off my medal to everyone in the restaurant and expecting praise from them.  Instead she blushed when we clapped for her as she entered and then quietly sat down and began looking at the menu and graciously thanked us for being there.  It was then in that moment that I saw JOY all over her.  Through Mary's running she has touched so many lives, and has been able to be a wonerful and powerful influence to those she run's with.  Mary exudes Christ in all that she does, but through her running she has been able to share Him with other's.  You see running to Mary is all about Jesus, and sharing Him with Others and then she worries about running is a JOY filled passion for her.

This all made me start to think about what JOY I have expereinced lately.  Where in my life is Jesus First, Other's Second and Myself Last?  Where is my JOY?  As I sat and pondered those very questions the answer was right in front of JOY is my work at KCM and serving with and for those around me.  Please don't get me  wrong, my Family is my greatest JOY and accomplishment, but the work that KCM does in the community and the piece of it I get to experience fills my heart with a JOY I have never expereinced before.

Have you expereinced JOY in your life recently?  Have you experienced JOY Today?  Are you experiencing JOY this very Minute? If not, what needs to change in your Life?

I pray that this next week will be a JOY filled week for you, and that you will find a new JOY!!